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Magic Hippo Illustrations – for your Birthday cards, Invitations, Birth….. ^_^

Here are some illustrations with “Hippo theme”.

You can use these illustration however you like. You can use the PINK ones for GIRLS: birthday wishes, birthday party invitation  cards, BIRTH Cards: IT’S A GIRL!!!

There are also the BOYS cards! in Blue colors.


And you can also use the HEARTS HIPPO for your Valentine Cards, or the EGG HIPPO for EASTER wishes…

Your fantasy will be your limit


Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.00.17 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.01.09 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.02.02 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.03.28 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.03.56 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.04.06 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.04.22 Schermata 2014-08-28 alle 15.05.01

Hvar – the magic Island



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Hvar tramonto 3 schermata Hvar Zecevo 1 schermata hvar zecevo schermata


Superhero shadow – Illustration

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Schermata 2014-08-25 alle 23.48.08

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9 shades of stone – Texture background

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Glowing Pink Heart IPad Case

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